Ole Joe will get a lot more than Netflix, like the Obama group.  The American taxpayer will pay billions to produce the vaccines and Joe gives the patent to the Communist who created the virus.  Vote Democrat.  China will under-cut our prices.


DeSantis will make a good leader.

Why aren’t these perjury/trial framing criminals in jail ?


Citizens should do this all over America.  Republican states should prohibit the 1619 feces, and critical-race crap from being taught in any school/college that receives public money.  Do it now.


Trump speaks–almost.


The First Five Days Editor:  Is this about the one thing Science and Religion agree on, LL ?  Animals were here first.

That’s True Cat:  They sure were.  Here is some bird news.  I wish the birds had attacked Congress and DC.

These are real bird stories.

Cows are doing their share.  All animals should be raised free-range, no feeding pens.

Crocs reach a temporary high.

You never know.  In bear country you shouldn’t walk your dogs at night, unless you can outrun them, and you should carry at least a 45 handgun.

Who caused the chicken shortage ?

No one can list all the things dogs have done to help humans.  Here are some recent media stars.

I might go back to Holland, the Dutch aren’t psychotic like these paranoid Democrats.  You can’t emotionally rescue fools.

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