The Epstein Diary.

ANY INFORMED READER KNOWS HE WAS KILLED TO HIDE IDENTITIES OF OTHER SEX CRIMINALS–start with Bill Clinton–27 flights on Epstein’s airplane.  Bill Gates’ name popped up this past week.

If you read the Sphinx and Bee every day you won’t need help with romance like, Bill, Bill, Andrew, and more to be named if Ghislane Maxwell lives.


Another ignored Biden scam.  Maybe Freeh is an oil and gas man, like Hunter.

The Utahans are doing their part ( the Beehive State ).


Minorities voted for Trump at an increasing rate.

Governor Abbott of Texas will fine local officials who break state laws on masks.


The See Clearly Editor:  What can you see now, LL ?

Eyes Wide Open Cat:  Kamala is like Santa, she is keeping a list about which reporters are naughty and nice.

Dr. Jill likes Kamala.

Stop the insanity.

Chicago’s racist mayor speaks out, but not about the murder rate.

Here is another Pigleosi murder.

Maybe UNC public officials have reached a turning point of teaching ” I hate America BS. “

Maybe they will take all these wokens off the public payrolls and give them some exercise.  Like Lady Gaga’s dog walker.

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