This is White-Privilege.  The Masters, about a month ago, was Asian-Privilege.  Remember everything is about race.


Hamas thanks the Mullahs in Iran for helping them kill Jews.

Here is news you can trust.


California and the other sanctuary states/cities are worse than the Mid East. Our politicians and media encourage violence.  It doesn’t help shooting a bird at another driver.

In NYC a Federal Prosecutor was shot–I sure hope that shooting Federal Officials isn’t a growing trend.


Middle East Editor:  I’m surprised that another war-outbreak in the Mid East pushed Trump off the front pages of the Scum News Media in America.  Can you help our loyal readers with this fuster-cluck, LL ?

Traveling Cat:  This is how we got to where we are.

This is disturbing, about 20% of people in Israel are Muslims.  After they rioted and supported Hamas, Israel should send them to anywhere else.

The Muslims surrounding Israel should take care of their terrorist leaders, and then they will have a peaceful life.

The other choice is to kill all the Jews, which is the motto of the terrorist and Iran.  Muslims use the same tactics to eliminate Jews that the dems use on Americans.

Here is more breaking news from another corrupt government.  Biden/Democrats/Congress, and the media.

Any Sphinx reader knows that the Biden’s are common thieves supported by the previously mentioned traitors.

This is a repeat of a Jewish read-bump.  Some American readers might be surprised that there were white slaves.

Ole Bernie has never met a terrorist or Communist that he didn’t like.  Will Rogers never met Bernie.  One thing that is promising is Bernie is getting old.  He switched from a BLM/Antifa butt-buddy to Hamas–another terrorist group.

The millions of Muslims that Europe let in after Bush 43 and Obama/Hillary’s illegal wars are Jew killers.  I guess their culture was no match for 2,000 years of hate.  They are crossing America’s Southern Open Border as you read this.

Jerusalem, London, San Francisco, it makes no difference.  One of Pigleosi’s mansions is in Frisco, her District.  Remember Pig woman not censuring Omar, Tlaib, AOC, and Pressley ( all HOR members ) who make hate statements every day.  I sure hope she doesn’t slip in her 4 inch heels.


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