You go Joe.

Fly this over our Embassies.


The FBI is too crooked to prosecute.

California’s prison guards went to the same school as the Federal guards watching Epstein.  This guy should be made Governor of Oregon or at least Mayor of Portland.


The Old Timey Editor:  What is your old story, LL ?

Texas Instrument Cat:  Amigo was cleaning out some old boxes, and found a Texas Instrument Calculator ( 1973 ).  He put in the 4  batteries and it worked like a charm.

TOTE:  Are there other things ?

Amigo said it reminded him of an old Woody Allen movie, when he was funny.  The movie was Sleeper.  Woody wakes up after 200 years asleep and has to escape the Democrats ( they have killed all the white people except for him and his girlfriend ).  Anyway, he finds a 200 year old VW and it cranks right-up.

TOTE:  How did the dems exterminate all the White people, TIC ?

They began by giving free food to a few ( 1918 ), and before two shakes of a lambs tail, they were all herded together and just disappeared.

Here are some confusing and/or hard to understand articles.  The first one leaves unclear if they are for Jew-Hating or not.

I just could not understand this article.  The mother is worth over 5 million dollars and received unemployment.

This is a read bump.

Naomi Osaka is also confusing.  She refuses to give interviews, as required by the major tournaments.  Everyone wants justice until it is applied to them.  She has an attitude.  Good riddance.

The city of Atlanta was punished by MLB for Georgia, USA securing their voting ballots.  Espn is a Disney-Hearst mega company that needs to be broken up.  No one has mentioned that Naomi is part Haitian and part Asian.  It must be discrimination.


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