West Cornwall Covered Bridge

07-03-02 – West Cornwall Covered Bridge Built in 1864 in Litchfield Co. CT Spanning Housatonic River on Sharon-Goshen Tpk – 2 spans, 242′ long, Town lattice & queenpost trusses

While some sources list the West Cornwall Bridge’s construction date as 1841, it was more likely constructed in 1864. It has been said that the West Cornwall Bridge was originally built as a single span bridge with the center pier being added in 1924 to provide extra strength. However, the Cornwall Historical Society has a 1913 photograph of the bridge showing this extra pier. The bridge stands at the western side of West Cornwall. It was also called Hart’s Bridge after an early settler in the area. Early pictures show squared portals that were replaced with more typical gable entryways during repairs in 1946. During the winter of 1960-61 it was threatened by an ice jam. On February 26, 1961, the ice was dynamited and the water level dropped back below the bridge. The West Cornwall Bridge has an unusual truss design, a Town truss sandwiched in between two Queenpost trusses. It is similar in design to the Bull’s Bridge.


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