Ron is a good Democrat.

Bezos might have to give away some pocket-change.  One of the reporters is Hill-gal in disguise, she is almost broke.


New York is crashing and burning.

Beverly Hills is home for tent cities.  The Hollywood stars asked for it.


The Word Editor:  What is Cicada-esque, LL ?

Grammar Cat:  It’s a word I made up for things that happen after a somewhat set period of time.  The Chamber of Commerce is a good example.  They appear before Congress whenever Fauci isn’t up there lying.  The only organization more Communist in America is National Public Radio ( NPR ).

A Bush will pop up when they think we have forgotten the two previous Bush War Criminals.  Run as a dem.  Bush 43 was out slamming Trump last month.

Democrats in Connecticut are warned not to get drunk and have sex in the State House or parking garage.

A little noted article was that the homeless were picking up the passed–out Democrat drunks in the garage and returning them to the Democrat Caucus for a fee—like returning aluminum cans.  On close votes a $100 finders fee is normal.

A new illness has popped up called Cart-Neck from the dems spending all night in shopping carts.

After about 15 months Chris Matthews has reappeared with a book.  The Sphinx does not recommend buying it, our only interest is it is listed under R & B and Soul.

Atlanta has turned into a liberal/sanctuary/democrat city.  They voted Democrat..  Killers are like politicians, they follow the money.

The squeegee criminals are back at terrorizing drivers in NYC.  It’s a sign of civil break down.  Will they stop Cuomo’s or Blasio’s  cars ?   NO

A read bump.

AOC is complaining about her grandmother’s home.  At least it isn’t burned down like many in Minnesota, Portland, Seattle, NY, and many more targets of BLM/Antifa.  Maybe Geraldo Rivera can help.


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