Will Hunter Biden get a pass on the ” N ” word ?


It’s a Do-Rag, Don’t, or a Maybe.  They were invented by White people in ancient Egypt.


You Priders chill-out.  Go to the Embassy and see your flag.

Karen repellent can be used on straight people.

If you search, you can find the Swimsuit issue.


The Build Character Editor:  What is happening in sports, LL ?

Me Too Cat:  Things are popping.  Major league baseball can’t figure out how to stop cheating–just like in the drug era, 20 years ago.

A Congress/Joe Biden that lets the Pentagon buy drone-planes from Communist China wants the NBA to act like they care.

Naomi news.

A Florida man, thinking it was winter and half-frozen lizards falling on your head were fair game, is in a pickle.

LeBron’s entire team flopped.

Republican news.

The Lakers will move to China, and be named the Wuhan Criers.



  1. Congress now wants the NBA to quit supporting China’s Xinjiang Province, an area notorious for massive camps where inmates serve as forced laborers.They say this now because PINO Biden & Gang have invited enough ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into America to re-instate their own slave market that the Republicans made them give up in the past. Now PINO Biden can drag out that white pointy hat that KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd gave to him and wear it with pride.

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