Here are two political scums.

Kemp isn’t very popular in Georgia, USA.  Can he work his way back to the good graces of Georgians ?


If you want to carry a Mexican Flag at graduation, your loyalty isn’t here.  Move to Mexico.

Democrats want to give Bezos’ company, AMAZON, 10 BILLION Dollars.  They are insane.


The Engineer Editor:  Are you knowledgeable about infrastructure, LL ?

Engineer Cat:  Are you kidding ?  Cats designed the Sphinx in Egypt, and the Pyramid of Khufu.

That’s why we were given special privileges.  We have never gotten over being expelled by the invading infidels.  That’s why we have an attitude.

The Democrats want to add taking over schools, churches, speech, etc. as infrastructure.  If you are a loyal Sphinx reader you already know the dems want to teach 5 year old girls how to masturbate and 5 year old boys about anal sex.  We have reported this for years.

Here is what America will end up with Joe & The Gang.


The dems will write the law so only Communist China can participate.  Naturally they will need blueprints and schematics of all roads, airports, electrical plants, and Republican home addresses.

Most of the “do away with guns” crowd will exempt private security firms and let politicians have tax payer paid protection.

This is a winner for Blues Clues.  What 7 year old doesn’t need to know about sex, and the various kinds ?

Abuse comes in all flavors.


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