This political creep has been a race-baiter since day one.  He is in the Reverend Wright, Obama, and Farrakhan hate Whitey group–while I get rich.


Over 5,000 vaccine deaths not reported by MSM.


Find a major movie star that doesn’t hate you.


You can major in art, think about it.

Nancy uses every trick that she can.


The Sophisticated Editor:  What do you know about ART, LL ?

I Know A Little About Everything Cat:  I know a bunch, it is in the Constitution.

For most people art can be almost anything.

Here is some art news.

Lori Lightfoot has made excuses for shootings in Chicago an art.

TSE:  That’s interesting, what can you tell us about Hunter Biden’s art.

It looks like Computer Generated Feces.  I could take a photo of a Dung Beetle with a little Democratic Pride Flag on a tooth pick and it would be better art.  Here are some dems at work.

This whole charade is a way for Hunter to wash his dirty money from China.  They buy the dung to pay for his influence.

Modern day politicians have to be creative about stealing money.  The Clintons used his Library and Non-Profit to take in hundreds of millions in crooked funds.  The Obamas get their kickbacks, for passing favorable laws for lobbyist thru Netflix.  Obama, Moochelle, Susan Smith, and others too numerous to name got even richer.

TSE:  Are you going a little too far ?

It’s artistic license.

If Obama keeps it up he can own more houses than the co-founder of BLM.  She retired with 4 houses.


2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—ART

  1. How about that folks? Master Don Le’Mon has a black face Mammy cookie jar. I wonder if his slave quarters are in the basement of his four million dollar mansion or if he has some little slave shanty shacks out back on another part of his plantation. Le’Mon is odd….even for a Queer.

  2. I can’t help myself. When I read Chinese names, they sound like someone dropped a drawer of silverware. But the one in the HFPA post above, Ting Ting Wengting Xu, actually brought this song to my mind.

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