Vote Democratic—these jobs are going to Joe & Hunter’s Chinese buddies.

I guess twerking on an ambulance while the EMT try to save lives is almost sex.


This is just a stop-gap.  Ole Manchin ( D-WV ) turned out to be a liar, liar, pants on fire.


Check your level of friskiness, I have never had a desire to touch anyone at the store.  Maybe the vegetable section could use them.  Maybe that’s what Batman and Catwoman use.  Bring the Cannolis.


Why is Bottoms not running for reelection as Atlanta’s Mayor ?

Here is a Toobin/CNN bear.


The Almost Editor:  What is almost sex, LL ?

The Flirting Cat:  It’s teasing or related things.  Victoria’s Secret has changed consumers they prefer.  Amigo will have to change the sight he clicks when the regular junk ads pop up.  VS has always been good for about a hundred pop-ups.

Here is Victoria’s Secret new spokes model, she’s great.

Hunter has connected with a slut-lingerie-Chinese company.

Paige has almost gone from titillating to locker room talk.  We put her on the crude/vulgar watch list.

This is an example of HOR Democratic Swine Toobin ” want to be Scum. ”  He is a fat swamp hog.

This is a wonderful idea.  When the R’s take the HOR back all head coverings will be forbidden, and these ID necklaces will be put on all Democrats.  Ole Nancy will hit the trail for San Franstih-o.

I would give the dems a choice of the dog-collar or two of these jobs.

Think for yourself.

This should get the low level politician in the Mayor’s or Governor’s race.

Last but not less important is Batman and Catwoman.  I just hope Robin is out polishing the car.  Rumor has it that Champagne is better than wine–it bubbles.

For sure, Batman is a fan of the night.


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