Champlain Tower Diary.  It will be worse than Hillgal trying to blame her Presidential loss on everyone, but those having sex with Bill.

Football is also collapsing.


After about 14 months of continuous, riots, murders, looting, and arson fires the dems are blaming gun dealers and the police for violence.  Check your sanctuary governors and mayors.  Baseball players are upset that they can’t put KY Jelly on their balls.

Biden resigns Presidency to return to Life Guarding.  He misses the children playing with the hair on his legs.


Abortions on demand.

I believe the 5 state governors with election frauds.


The Question Editor:  Who is in jeopardy, LL ?

Almost Everyone Cat:  The Jeopardy Programming Director.  The question is who else left the show when Alex left ?

All of the Liberal guest hosts SUX.

The IKEA management.  The question is who else is as dead as Alex and his Director ?

More poor Whites have eaten water melon and fried chicken than Blacks.

Charlie the Tuna.  The question is where do you go to get Tuna, period.

Sheldon Whitehouse is the answer.  The question is who has more White buddies than a Polar Bear reunion ?

These are A#1.


2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—JEOPARDY

  1. Subway was the only fast food place I would eat at. But all of the Subways in my area have gotten so bad and serving sub-quality food that I now do not even go there anymore.

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