This is unconstitutional, the FBI is a national agency.  This sounds like Obama’s national police agency.

I hope Nancy and Chuck can get enough agents at their many homes to prevent any violence.

A giant cat invades Tokyo.


Breaking News, finally.

Champlain Diary.


Hollywood uses Biden’s stunt man in new Indiana Jones movie.

Baron Trump is growing.


You liberals keep voting for this policy and worse things.  Shut up or protest peacefully like BLM and Antifa.  It will take more than recalling Newsom (Nancy’s Nephew ).


The Golden Gate Editor:  What’s new in Goofy Land, LL ?

Shortage Cat:  They are crazy.  Here is an explosion in the middle of a street, supposedly conducted by the police.  Ocean City, Maryland is just as incompetent.

Maybe they should register media people, and charge a tax on each article or video.

They have a little quake.

Target is closing stores and placing employees on shorter work hours.  Paladin makes a big come-back.

They will getcha.

Baywatch can resume filming.

Raffy should move to goofy land.

Jet Skis are being replaced.  No gas is coming.

You can own the Godfather House.  I would like to hear about 50 dems make the scream.


  1. I didn’t know Lois Lion was in Tokyo? Maybe she will stop by China before she comes home and eat Xi Jinping.

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