Sunday is the Sturgeon Full Moon.


I agree with Hawley ( U.S. Senator from Missouri ), these jokers and the rest should resign and be charged with deliberately leaving about 20,000 Americans as prisoners.  Why was Bagram Air Base surrendered ?   It is a deliberate woke act of treason.  Impeach Joe.

Joe said there would be some SNAFU’s.


The HOR wanted him to replace Nancy, but this guy has too much personality.

The hornets are back.


The dems and independents finally disapprove of something Goofy did.

Trump shows how to get the prodigal believers back.

Hunter is a prodigal son.

Why hasn’t this been in the news ?



Close The Book Editor:  Is the end near, LL ?

What Life Am I On Cat:  It might as well be.  Satchel Paige, an old baseball player, said ” don’t look back, something might be gaining on you. ”

The once great country of Scotland will let school officials treat their 4 year old child for sex changes without parental consent. Does the LGBTQI run Scotland? Unbelievable. That’s the liberal  goal for America.

Meanwhile in America ” breast feeding ” is forbidden.

Many in America are trying to escape.

Oregon suspends reading, writing, and math in schools.  This should give the students the same equity as an illegal border hopper who speaks some Spanish.  You go Beavers.

Trump returns in triumph.

Trump said to all who believeth, that he will not forsake them.

Ending on a happy note.



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