Don’t forget the media and Nancy.


Our loyal readers in the Northeast should check their local weather.


All of these weird happenings are looking like deliberate attempts to screw America.

Joe and Obama work hard.


Maybe in 20 years.  I hope they don’t catch fire while your family sleeps, and burn them alive, like the Tesla.   The Musk satellites are also causing trouble.


The Dept. of Education will probably run this crap on a 12 hour loop, or like CNN at the airports.  We love Joe.

Our allies were also left to die in a far away land.


The Tropics Editor:  Where are the tropics, LL ?  Some of our loyal viewers are from Oregon, where reading, writing, and math aren’t needed for graduation.  Geography isn’t taught either.  The only way those under 18 can find public buildings is to follow the smoke from BLM’s peaceful protest.

Hurricane Cat:  With the hurricane season here we should all be knowledgeable of danger signs & warnings.

Here is how the tropics are defined.

A lot of strange things live in the tropics, one is parrots.

I identify as a gopher.

This song can be about the tropics, about the Americans Joe left to be killed in Afghanistan–who want to come home, and tally-man sounds like Taliban.

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