The Supremes uphold Trump’s policy after 1.3 million cross border.


You didn’t like Trump’s mean tweets ?


How many people did you kill today Joe ?  Ole Joe is saying he will get all Americans out that want out ?  What a joke.  At least your approval is falling.


California has been bankrupt for years.  Biden’s trillion dollar scam saved the sanctuary states–most were bankrupt.


Save those kids.


Politicians will cheat anyway they can.

Many thanks to our IT Manager, Robert for this information.


The Far Away Editor:  Are you doing another article on drugs, LL ?

The Happy Cat:  No, an article caught my attention about going away a few days and doing some mushrooms.

Amigo said in the olden days the hippies would smoke dope and watch Fantasia, the old Disney movie.

The Sphinx has supported legal drugs for years.  Regulate it and get some tax money.  I think many groups are hallucinating now, one is the American Bar Association ( ABA ).

Personally I think almost anything that keeps attorneys off the street is a benefit.  When the Creepy Porn Lawyer gets out of prison he will be in charge.

Here are my democratic reporters preparing for a big story.

TFAE:  Can casual users experience flashbacks later in life ?

THC: ( a coincidence )  Usually during a flashback, you won’t start chopping people up.  One loyal reader started turning into a duck, but this is rare.

One might also make abnormal decisions, like leaving 20,000 Americans in Afghanistan and then charging them $2,000 to escape.  There has to be a mushroom shortage with all of Biden’s boot-lickers going crazy.

It might take some Psilocybin to make Americans sane again.

RIP  Charlie Watts.  You had a good run.  The song is for Chuck Schumer.


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