It must be a mess for Bezos ( Amazon ) to tell the truth.


Nancy, Feinstein, Schiff, and the other Western Trump haters should have been working on a Wildfire plan the past 5 years instead of impeachment lies.  That’s life.  You can start on the drought when you finish the Jan 6 insurrection investigation.

Joe and the dems couldn’t care less about lives ?  Do you see them protesting?  Facebook is even worse.


Paint Black Lives Matter on the entire street, and have little kiosks selling Molotov Cocktails in perfume bottles.

Part of DeKalb County is in Atlanta.


A letter from Flag Officers to Austin and Milley, I would include Joe.


Cuomo gets either Epstein’s cell or Commie Sue’s.  Some Yorkers want Cuomo to return 18 million in campaign donations.

I don’t believe anything the Woke Pentagon and Joe say about ANYTHING, including the dogs.


The Confused Editor:  What kind of title is Lane, LL ?

Lanes Are Important Cat:  It is a title with potential.  Many readers don’t know it but I took my professional name from Lois Lane, in the Adventures of Superman.  She was a great reporter.

As time passed Lois & Superman changed.  The studio removed the American Way from Superman’s creed

One thing unusual about Superman on TV and in the movies is that both actors lives ended sadly.

Misfortune even befell Lois, and others.

A news bulletin just arrived—-Biden to send Beto to Kabul to get back the $85 BILLION in guns he forgot.

My article is running too long.  Two other Lanes that I should mention are Memory Lane and Lover’s Lane

Here is a loyal reader going down Memory Lane and Lover’s Lane.

One thing is for sure, if people want sex there is no stopping them.


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