Here is a dog food recall.

Here is an alligator eating a drone airplane, evidently powered by a Tesla battery.


Every Republican politician in America should be on all media calling for impeachment.  Those who aren’t are swamp-creatures like Mitch McConnell. Has everyone forgotten the past 5 years ?

The catch-phrase in this article was the Army didn’t leave any Service Dogs in cages.  Biden’s buddies are good at parsing words.


Biden will only be held accountable if the Republicans win back the HOR in 2022.  The dems will start saying that his mental health was failing—-poor Joe—poor Joe.

The Texas Dems failed.


Vaccination information.  I don’t report CDC info anymore, since they want to outlaw guns.  Learn to spell.

Biden receives a death threat.


The Inquisitive Editor:  What is deliberate, LL ?

The Independent Cat:  The sabotage in Kabul.  It is deliberate, like the next article suggests.

I have repeated this Biden Shi* so much that my readers are tired of the stuff.  One more thing on the subject, one of the few things that will get Americans to really march in the streets is no electricity for WIFI devices.  Smart phones are the only thing missing from this old clip.

Watch the news carefully, this applies to everything.

Those dedicated teachers.

Fancy Nancy, I expect no less.

This is funny—the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament was too stupid to postpone  matches after 7 days of storm warnings.  It looks like Biden or The Pentagon was in charge.


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