Good advertising.


Biden is running an Afghan child bride sex import harem.


Black unemployment is almost 9 percent.

This is another failed radical/liberal state.  They have had over 200 years to figure out where water goes.

The Supremes finally came through.


Impeach Biden.

When Pigleosi gets that nasty Jan 6 insurrection investigation finished in 2022, she will investigate important things.


This is good news, but my money is on KARMA to do the heavy lifting.

The CDC is falling in line–first guns and now woke—then they wonder why you distrust them.

Joe’s economy sux.


The Government Is Here To Help Editor:  What is the government helping us with now, LL ?

Those Are Feared Words Cat:  We can’t afford any more of their goodness.

The Center for Disease Control ( CDC ) has cured COVID 19 through COVID Omega.  Now they can take over changing the Constitution, and assuming the police powers that Democratic Cities and States refuse to  enforce.

This Chicago Judge has assumed parental rights over children.  Maybe with about 40 shootings on the weekend he can give some thought to enforcing laws against murder.

Ole Joe and the Pentagon have abdicated protecting American Citizens. They have opened a non-profit giving the Taliban 85 BILLION dollars worth of guns and weapons.  Hunter and the Clintons are distributing the gift.

The author doesn’t mention teaching 5 year old kids about masturbation, the CRT trash, and LGLBTQI lifestyles. Not teaching math, science, and reading in Oregon isn’t mentioned.

The public teachers and school boards are our employees, just like Congress and Joe.

Joe is a loyal guy.

It won’t hurt.

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