Keep voting for the dems.  You should be over $5.00 per gallon in a few days.


We will see.

The R’s never learn about voting for the dems budget.  The R’s aren’t any better.


Just a little sports BS to keep you informed.

College football.   The Dawgs beat Clempson, it might be their year or not.


What a deal on justice.

The R’s have to keep reminding everyone.

Nancy finds a foreman to head her infrastructure plan–the shovel-ready stuff.

While you watch the Cockatoo supervise parrots, Nancy is using the real infrastructure money to unload tons of CRT and LGBTQIUM at every school board meeting and public college/university in America.


The White people are responsible for everything–everyone is a victim.

Priorities matter.


The History Editor:  Why are you not writing as much about politics, LL ?

Save Energy Cat:  I can’t keep up with refuting the Biden, Pentagon, Psaki lies, so I report on real news.  Here is an example of the Biden creeps vs. Harry Truman ( c. 1948 ).

At one point, a plane full of food and supplies was landing every 30 seconds at Berlin’s three air corridors.

THE:  Where is Kamala, SEC ?

She is in Australia, getting their plans for COVID incarceration.

THE:  In your travels over the past year have you found a suitable COVID policy, SEC ?

The one at Amherst College in Massachusetts is my choice.

THE:  Did you see the news about the Millennial Tower in San Franleano, SEC ?

I sure did.  We have been reporting on this leaning building for about 5 years.  It’s like the Champlain Tower in Florida.  It wasn’t built on bedrock.  The company saved a few million and it is going to cost hundreds of millions when it crashes.  Some California/San Francisco big-time politician was bribed to get the approval of  the city government.

This video was 5 years ago, the owners are probably falling out of bed at night.

Here is an old pirated Columbo TV show.  It’s backwards and upside down, but maybe you can see the building codes our current engineers violated.

THE:  Where did you get the backwards video, SEC ?

From the same White House Photographer who made this masterpiece.  Rumor has it that the photo was approved by the Pentagon, and JCS.

Joe to get WH Photographer to make blood stains small


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