Americans are waking up.  Impeach Biden–Court Martial Generals.

Kick the crook out.


More Kabul shi* from Joe.

The Maxwell Diary.

Nancy makes emergency visit to Afghanistan.


New York gets the SOS from a female governor this time.  The system is CORRUPT.


It’s a shame that our WOKE Generals don’t have the integrity to do the same with the Kabul DISASTER.

Joe puts Afghans in concentration-camps.


This is funny.  Only an idiot believes this crap, anymore.  Where is the video ?  Are the Radical Liberal governors, movie stars, and mayors abandoning justice?

Those boogers.


Inflation Editor:  Can we expect more inflation, higher prices, smaller portions, less quality, and more self-checkout, LL ?

Capitalist Cat:  You will thank your lucky stars if you are fortunate enough to find food for your family.  In a related business matter, the Taliban have almost put all of our Army-Navy Stores out of business.

IE:  Will Bob Muhammed open other stores, CC,  like a Chipotle franchise, where you can get poison and army surplus items.

CC:  He said that he had been operating in the black market in California for years, but the transportation dept. keeps stealing his signs.

Name the Generals that should face a Court Martial.

Isn’t Joe enforcing last week’s Supreme Court ruling on Illegals waiting in Mexico ?

Joe should take his BLM, Antifa, LGBTQIOU, policies and move from the White House to the YMCA.


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