This is a very rare Democrat Bird—say America, flag, White, freedom, religion, or anything about exceptionalism, and this is their reply.


F J B should be the cry at all college football games.

This is the biggest current rip-off in Californication.  Most of the money is from U.S. taxpayers not Californians.


Joe, the JCS, and Pentagon woke losers should have gotten the Queen’s people to plan the abandonment of our citizens from Kabul.  Maybe they can do your exit, Joe.

You can tell where the dems think the problems are.


This is our first ever mention of Tajikistan.  The best of luck to the Tajikis.  They are more fun than the Kongers.

Here is a sweet job.

Here are other bees.


The Unforgettable Editor:  What should our loyal readers not forget, LL ?

Forget Me Not Cat:  Conservative politicians should have pamphlets printed with Joe’s DISASTERS, and make sure every person in America gets one.  This flower could be their symbol.  Their motto could be ” Don’t forget to vote Republican–remember who Kamala and Joe forgot.

Joe and the dems have forgotten Americans, illegal children, American children, service dogs, allied citizens, and almost everyone that they were/are responsible for.  The 13 dead American soldiers and hundreds of wounded are on Joe’s bloody hands.

I could go on for pages, but it would be repeating articles ( read the Sphinx Archives from 8-2-21 ).

News of Kamala’s Travels.  Stay in your basement—it worked for Joe and the MSM.

Kamala is as hard to find as Traitor Joe.


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