Indict Fauci.–fauci-n2595510


Terrorism should be a capital crime.  No uniforms equals a terrorist.  Obama’s continuing bad decisions will be nothing compared to Traitor Joe’s.

The Taliban says NO to Blacks.

Chinese imports will be delayed.

Democrats issue a health watch.


This isn’t new–the cockroaches are definitely Democrats.

This story is as hard to follow as a 2,000 page Pigelosi Law.


I don’t believe anything from Biden or the FBI.

My body my choice is a convenient slogan until you can’t refuse a mask.


The Georgia Cracker Editor:  Does Georgia, USA deserve an article, LL ?

The Ritz Cracker Cat:  Probably not, but there are a few interesting items.

Trump endorses Herschel to run against a communist.

Date Line Cumberland Island, Georgia, USA:  Amigo apologizes for a new crew member wearing her uniform at the airport.  Crew try-outs begin in about a week.

Amigo wishes he had a yacht like Bill and Epstein’s buddy.  Bill wanted to borrow a cup of sugar for Hillary to bake those cookies.

Calvin Biden didn’t care what the trouble was.

Georgia Presidential ballots in Atlanta and DeKalb county were a scam from day one.  The Devil went down to Georgia.

A Georgia bonus song.

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