This is the Democrat Party


This is good news, if true.  One less Marxist.


Local Republicans should have this as a promise–then we can hear the dems say–he’s too old or has mental issues.  Let the 13 dead soldier’s families sue him.


99 % of the mask are worthless.  They are political, as this article shows.  It’s an exercise in power.

This is old news.  The dems won’t touch it, just like our flag.

Joe going to a press conference.


Memorial Editor:  RIP victims of the attacks, and victims of the toxic cleanup that the New York and USA governments promised was safe.

Secret Cat:  We never will get the truth—20 years later and the government is still hiding their incompetence or collusion.

This is one viewpoint on Biden’s visit.

There is no national security or sensitive information to protect, only Agencies and Politicians are protected.  Release the JFK papers, they are almost 60 years old.

This is what some children did.

This case is also baffling.

This is a bizarre case in the Palmetto State.

These are old Bees.

California should get rid of Newsom, Nancy, and Feinstein.  They have a septic tank state.

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