The Haitians are here because Biden said he wouldn’t send them back home.  Instead of flying them home walk them to the Mexican border.  Mexico is a partner in this human disaster.


Where is Gabby ?  There are hundreds of people who have disappeared in national and state parks.  The park service won’t  release total numbers.  Read up on it.  Brian is hiding not missing.


Let’s put our overflow of illegals on a cruise ship and send them to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Booster news.


A new brainwashing plan from the LGBTQI and other woke groups.  Oh, it’s for kids.  The Cartoon Network & HBO are owned by AT&T.

As usual with the government you get a half-truth.


Another PTA meeting, now it’s parent and union member dictator.

China wastes no time.

The DNC makes more news.


The Puzzled Editor:  What is Bufo, LL  ?  Is it like having a lot of muscles ?

Hoppity Cat:  It is a chemical in toads that causes hallucinations.  Biden, Nancy, Milley, and a bunch of other traitors use the stuff all the time.  They mix it half and half with their Geritol.  Nancy puts it in her ice cream.

As you can see the opinions of Bufo Toads are many and varied.  It’s like asking if Biden and Pigleosi are retarded.

This vacuum cleaner might also locate any Bufo Toads for you.  In Florida they mail them out with fake ballots.

Lick a toad Nancy.

AOC helps abuela ” grandmother” in Puerto Rico.

The traitors need to mix this instead of Bufo with their Ensure.


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