The Fall Equinox is today 9-22-21.


Brian’s Diary.


The Gabby news has shifted to Brian.

Volcano erupts on Canary Islands.


Who knows ?


They are still going on.  Joe sacrificed about 200 with the suicide bomber in Kabul.


Nobody told the dems what is illegal.


Voting to approve people like this for a judge is how we get screwed down the road.  She is unfit for any judgeship.

Let’s hope the indies wake up.


The dems think they created the world, and should rule it.

The MSM goofs.


The Language Editor:  Will language keep changing, LL ?

The Satire Cat:  It sure will.  The latest morph this week is Joy Reid ( a homophobic host on CNN ) being given a new name—Uncle Tomiana—by Nicky Minaj.

TLE:  That is a great title for any Black female who blindly supports democratic traitors.  Joy ( Uncle Tomiana ) has been a hate mongering bigot for the dems a long time.

The FBI has been a corrupt bucket of maggots for years.  If it was a college football team they would be banned for a time for losing Institutional Control.  They definitely need a reduction in top management.  It will take a BIG event to clean the scum out.

We just watched many of these young women  at this or previous Olympics.  America is without a soul.  Biden couldn’t care less.

We need an insurance policy–the department heads and top management are too corrupt to keep around.

This is the guy to clean house inside the entire Federal Government.

A great Bee bonus.

This is the attitude of almost every person in top positions of the Federal Government.  Joe and Kabul are 100 times worse than Hillgal’s lies and incompetence.


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