The bull whipping story is all lies, brought to you by Joe, Nancy, Schumer, and the media. This is my last report on a junk story.

Wine was a great addition to early diets of grass and dead rodents.

The dems have a 31 % current incest rate.


The Murdaugh File.

The Laundrie File.

The Epstein File.



BLM is innocent.

What a joke.


Did you know The Sphinx is read in every country in the world, and five principalities.  This is for our new readers, who might not know that America’s most dangerous enemies are the MSM ( including Facebook & Twitter ).

What is going on ?


The Foreign Affairs Editor:  Here is today’s Bee.  One cat-thought, everything Trump said about impeachment and the other media lies, from day one until now has proven to be true.

The Pacific Reporter Cat:  The world is jumping from France to Australia, and Joe is on another few days off.

Joe sold Hawaii to the Chinese.  They are coming to move in, lock, stock, and concentration camp.

The Japanese are concerned over China’s aggressive moves in the Pacific

Biden doesn’t care about the Kongers, just like Americans in Kabul.

The submarine deal Joe made with Australia and the UK has everyone in a tizzy, especially France.

Kim Jong Un-cola-7-up is firing more missiles than Joe used to kill the children in Kabul.

The R’s in Congress might have found some stones.

This was Joe’s reply when the French said we couldn’t have any more French Fries.


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