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The infrastructure money will go to Chinese companies.


The feds hide every thing behind national security.


This was better than going around naked.

We knew Obama was Chicago crooked.


Clean everything.

This link, sent in by loyal reader RW, will help any conscientious reader become a wealthy person.


The Sight Seeing Editor:  What are some of the best views, LL ?

Not For The squeamish Cat:  These are some views of NYC.  These are great because you can’t see any rats.

The Grand Canyon Sky walk is Grand.

These observation decks are from all over.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower is a great name.  The map is for Oregon residents who aren’t taught math, science, reading, and geography in school.  Their kids can pick apples for a living.

This will be nice –get San Francisco builders to dig to bedrock for you.

This will be a great view.  Don’t expect any honey—the honey jar is 30 Trillion combs empty.



    • Absolutely! BUT,,We get them from China and they are currently out-of-stock. As soon as Xi Ping-Pong can get our prescription medicines, toilet tissue, Liquors, Pampers, and Covid Rapid-Response Test Kits back up and running, he plans to start on those blow darts. He got a little behind when we started sending him our chickens to pluck. Just as he rounded up enough strayed Haitians to do our chicken plucking…..they made a grand escape to our southern border. But…things are looking up…Xi Ping-Pong is holding Fang Fang hostage until Eric Swalwell finds a way to get his Haitian Slaves back to him. Eric was doing quite well with his lassos on the border until they took away his horses.

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