Fredo is in the news.  He isn’t like Calvin.


Texans tell Al Sharpton to take his race-baiting back to New York City.  Maybe Americans are waking up.

Speaking of NYC, we have another poorly constructed building.


Maxine is an inspiration.  In 30 years she has done as much for the Haitians as the Clintons.

Joe keeps on giving.


The Not Playing Around Editor:  What is serious, LL ?

The Revolution Cat:  The Revolution is slowing down.  If BLM and Antifa don’t start burning and killing again their influence will drop like Biden’s polls.  The current fuster cluck on the Southern Frontier has kept BLM behind the scenes.

The new policy of the FDA to shoot Black Americans with blow darts, to inject the vaccine is no joke.

The entire Trump-Putin fiasco was a cover for Biden and his Kappa, Kappa, Kappa, FDA employees to get the blow dart vaccine plan on track.  Here is a secret video of Putin training FDA employees.  The tiger was not hurt.

TNPAE:  That is terrible TRC.  That’s worse than bull-whipping the Haitians.  Surely, they aren’t going to put collars on their victims.

They are.  Here is the test model video.

Our freedom loving BLM people should be careful rioting, the FDA employees that Biden sends will vaccinate you from across the street.

Let’s get started with the revolution.  The MSM  Boards of Directors have to be replaced.  Hopefully nature will start weeding out those too old, in government, to appreciate freedom.



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