Watch the traitors testify before Congress.  The article didn’t say if they would be sworn in.


This is coming here.  At the moment we are just excluded from schools, shopping, and group functions.  In Australia it is more difficult to own a gun than indict a politician for pedophilia in Washington, D.C.


Biden needs to be impeached, and Milley tried as a traitor.

The FBI needs to be cleaned out.


The Chamber of Commerce is changing their tune.  They told Nancy to SUCK IT.

The Canary Islands volcano continues to erupt.


Any Republican that supports any Pigleosi approved bill should become an enemy in his/her next election.  Let the dems approve the debt ceiling on their own.

CNN is a commie, SUCK IT, Pigleosi loving company.

Does anyone have a video link of the plane that hit the Pentagon ?


The debt ceiling is back.  Mayorkas says his plan is working ( Joe’s ).

Think of humor when you take a bath in the market.

If immigrants were vented as well as citizens buying guns, half of these killers would not be in America.


The Who Says What Editor:  Who says anything, LL ?

Answer Cat:  Who ever said crime doesn’t pay was a politician.  Here is one of Al Capone’s houses.

Indiana residents say they don’t regret sending their football jerseys to Oregon for manufacture.  Oregon quit teaching math, reading, and writing in their liberal schools.

California can’t handle liberalism and forestry management.

This is why Republicans should crush dems like COCKroaches when they get back in office.

This is a trial that starts in about a month.  It should provide daily coverage, to stir up the racist in the democratic cults.

The dems keep bringing in people without any respect or understanding of our laws and customs.  Unfortunately, their crimes are reported as individual acts.  How many crimes will Joe’s 1.7 million illegals commit ?

This is where about 200 members of the federal government should be spending a few years.  We have added the Pentagon to our terrorist list.

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