Kathy Hochul thinks she is Jesus.


Do you remember the health heroes who saved NYC and NY during the pandemic?  Many have been fired for failure to vax.  The governor who replaced Cuomo  ( Hochul ) will have the National Guard replace them, or even bring in people from other countries.  Oh, they can’t get unemployment.


The Gabby and Brian Diary.  The cops were being counselors like the Liberals/BLM want.


The auto makers tried this crap when sensors and computers became common in cars and trucks.  The mechanics had to take the dung beetles to court to get access.  Simple crap like this is what the government should be protecting us from.  The farmers should boycott the manufacturers.

Thanks again to RW, we might put him on a quiet reporters beat, maybe NYC or Chi-Town.

Poor Joe.


What the hell is this, gun confiscation ?

What could go wrong with this ?


The liberals, BLM, Antifa, and sanctuary states/cities breed and encourage violence–do you remember the riots that lasted over a year?  I don’t recall one Democrat in the national spotlight condemning the crimes.


This is how creationist/atheist view the world.  They and Socialists say everything is an accident, then want your money to spend.

Joe doesn’t care about them or us.


The Now Editor:  What is here, LL ?

The Tomorrow Cat:  The future.  It sneaked up on me.  Here is a great writer.

Here is another piece of the future pie.  The very rich will get first dibs.

This could be your future.

Amigo said that he was having a White Russian drink in Key West, Florida. When he woke up 30 years later, it was 2021.  He didn’t know if Bill Cosby slipped a “mickey ” in his drink or if aliens transported him to “today” in a time warp.

A normal person can’t keep up with this feces.

Hotel California or even The Bates Motel, are beginning to look promising.

Maxine or Nancy could play the mother, no makeup or rehearsing needed.


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