The generals aren’t held accountable.  I would like to see no volunteers for any armed service for a year.  I would like to see all enlisted personnel on submarines that have nuclear missiles refuse the vaccine.

Don Lemon’s trial moves forward.


This is for our younger readers, the older ones already knew what was coming.

This is one reason why about 30 of our generals need to be court martialed.


Many Americans are tired of our dictator.


The Alcohol Editor:  What in the world is going on with a liquor shortage, LL ?

The Boozer Cat:  There are various reasons, maybe we will have another Whiskey Rebellion like the one in 1794.

Different areas have different shortages.

Utah has a singular problem, they limit tequila to two bottles a day.  People like Nancy Pigleosi would be in a pickle in Utah.

Thank your government for letting companies make everything in other countries.  They save a buck, and China builds more war material.

This guy is better than Fauci and Joe.

Where are the grown ups ?


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