What’cha gonna do Joe ?  You and Hunter have financial interests in China.


This week it looks like Alabama and Georgia will have two playoff games for the national championship.

More sports, FJB is heard at baseball games, NASCAR, and golf ( where they had to whisper—fuc* Joe Biden  )


The answer is…they want to destroy our culture and America’s world influence.

Milley and about 30 others involved, are lying traitors.

This might be the world’s most dangerous woman, but Nancy Pigleosi is America’s most dangerous enemy.


I think some are alive in Arkansas.

Where is the media ?  BLM was always a money-scam with sanctuary city approval.


The Almost Editor:  What is breaking, LL ?

The Up To Date Cat:  FJB is the rallying cry at college football games.  Here are two new items on Biden.


Fancy Nancy made the news, as usual.  Hopefully Mother Nature & Father Time will work their magic soon.

California needs more wind and sun.

Are any of these people your HOR member ?

The USPS slows delivery because of mail trucks used to disperse illegals into middle America.  The big cities have more illiterates than they can feed, shelter, or teach.

The dems will take the food from your kids mouths.

I hope the Republicans spend every cent they have on 2022.

Trump and collusion, walls don’t work, the border policy is working, and the cost of 5.5 TRILLION is ZERO—which is true ?


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