The Chinese chickens are coming home to roost.  Good luck Joe.

Poor Katie.


This is one goal.  The libs don’t believe parents should decide what their children are taught.  That’s it—government brainwashing.

We know who the real killers are, I get tired of naming them.




Kathy to make you fishers of men.


One more time.


Feel The Burn Editor:  Do you know about fires, LL ?

Burn Baby Burn Cat:  I sure do.  After reading the history of my family, I know more about fires than Smokey Bear.  On the darkest night when there is a new moon you can see flames at the cemetery not far from my lair.  It’s spooky.*CATEGORY*Fireplace%20%26%20Hearth&freeText=Fatwood&epi=0&cid=00154625341&qei=553475064&utm_campaign=210925_product_personalized&pcd=&qs=3153134&utm_medium=promotional_modular_email&utm_source=LLBean

FTBE:  Are there other names for the fire starter, BBBC ?

There sure are, kindling, pitch wood, and lightard are a few.  Most are old pine stumps and limbs.  The resin/rosin settles in certain places over time.  Here is a video.

You can be prepared for the crash.

FTBE:  Should you use matches to start your fire, BBBC ?

You can use them or any number of small gas lighters.  If you don’t want to be confused with BLM or Antifa hoodlums/arsonist use something with some history–cops know that they know nothing of that.

One more link.

This is a sad story that could apply to several national politicians.

The dems/libs are uneducated.



One thought on “THE SPHINX—FIRE

  1. Good morning, Lois Lion….I know which cemetery you are talking about…I always thought there may be a volcano about to erupt that is causing all the smoke.

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