Joe and the FBI make parents wanting control of what teachers teach their kids a FEDERAL CRIME.

Brian’s Diary.



Americans are getting what they voted for–you go dems.  Sea ports, railway yards, and trucking terminals are all backed up–for months in some cases.

The only place not backed up until next year is the illegal alien Southern Frontier entry zones.


Look, a resignation.

Look, a clarification.  Grisham is a menkey.


Prepare your kids for the future.

Republicans should give a business card, in Spanish, to every person crossing the border, promising the moon.


The Question Editor:  Is your Oracle still predicting doom for America, LL ?

For Sure Cat:  What does it take for you to understand, the Statue of Liberty to fall on you ?

The Southern Frontier is open.

Traitors are rewarded, and patriots are put in solitary confinement.

You have almost as many ships waiting to unload products made in China, as ships on the California coast during the gold rush.

Communist idiots are in charge.

We need a ” Remove Toxic Politician & MSM ” day.

Judy might help with justice and faith.


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