Texas is the heartbeat of America.  Pack the Court Joe.


This is why we need guns.  Killers and politicians will always have them or hired security.  I’m glad the officers are recovering.  In these situations cops should wait for an armored vehicle.

The Taliban and sanctuary states release about the same number of killers.


Those ole vaxx cards.

Let’s take the HOR back and impeach Joe.

NYC loses more money to de Blasio thieves.


The I Can’t Wait Editor:  What is exciting, LL ?

Breathless Cat:  I have had enough of politics.

Katie has a piece of trash book.  She has never been a news person, just a Today Show perky face.  She now appears to be a vindictive little slimy bitc*–like Pigleosi and Jayapal–but shorter.

The mountain where Moses received the Commandments is located.

The missing 5 were pieced together.  I can’t wait to see what they are.

One Ark is moving to Tampa.

Manchin is still upsetting the LGBTQI commie dems.

I get the Japanese names mixed up, but they have their own Royal Drama–like Harry and the woman in the green dress.


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