Evidentially, Newsome’s daughter has been in school for seven years without mandatory shots.


Without some big changes, this is where America will be in a year.  Just call me a romantic.

Change Hillary Clinton to Democrats.  The response is incorrect.


The Republicans aren’t telling us this.

Biden isn’t telling us this.

The NYT has to be cleansed.


The Celestial Editor:  What’s up with the moon, LL ?

Lunar Cat:  It is slowly moving away from the Earth.  By then the Earth will not have any people.  The moon will be free.

Do you remember us helping to free Britney? She is free now, as free as the moon will be one day.

Moon facts.

Alert global warming commies want to use the ?????acronym to secure the moon to the Earth.

NBA players want justice.

The Bee Weekly.

Clint wins some money.

The place that exceptionalism built.

The FDA is corrupt as a dem bed-buddy.

Bowser loves the homeless.

Miley Cyrus could make another video, but let’s go with Callista—from Zebulon, Georgia, USA.

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