Our Transportation Secretary is on paid leave.



Lt. Col. Scheller has his punishment.


The port backup in La La Land is not easy to solve.


Kudos to LT. Gov. Robinson.  His speech is just as free as Northam in Virginia. The LGBTQRIP should be taught in Biology class.

Yellen is a lying fool.  A few days ago she said that America should NOT have a national debt limit.  She is a toady–a dangerous one.

If your pet needs a veterinarian, loyal reader, RW advises against agreeing to any financial plan.


The dems want FEDERAL CONTROL of local, city, and state elections.  The Sphinx wants paper ballots.


This is on the way.

How does this guy connect the wiring and plumbing ?

Change Karen to school board member.

This is some of the 2,000 page bill that NO ONE has read.


The Non  Racist Editor:  What should John Gruden do, LL ?

The Not A Bigot Cat:  He should move to Virginia and run for governor.  He hasn’t been photographed in Blackface and wearing a Klan sheet.  Ralph Northam, the exiting governor, will probably run the DNC or a 1 Hour Martinizing Laundry for the dem’s dress sheets and pointy hats.

Georgia, USA, needs a good Martinizing, one hour won’t be enough.

The Bee and a trilogy.

The dancing robot company.

Don’t buy the gender-neutral trash.

I thought the Senate also had a vote on the national debt ceiling.  Nancy is a failure.  FNP.

Somebody needs to tell Paul that there is a difference between a band that plays for 8 years and one that plays over 50 years.  He needs some emotional help.


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