Those in charge of our national health agencies are shooting craps with our health.


This article is early so you can get prepared.  Thank FJB.

This is probably the only Hip Hop song we will ever play–they all sound the same.


Joe’s boot lickers said inflation was a rich person’s problem.  I believe them, they first said it was transitory.

Does Pennsylvania have a statute of limitations on murder ?–murder-n2597495


This is Trump’s position on vaccines.

Texas protects school girls ( females–XX chromosomes. )


The Clarifying Editor:  What is the deal with DNA, LL ?

The Not Political Party Cat:  As most loyal readers know, DNA is like a blue print to make something that lives.  Here is an ancient example ( older than Nancy & Joe combined. )  If you look closely you can just barely make out an ancient frying pan.

If you read each subsection, genes, cells, chromosomes, etc. let me know if you think these guidelines for reproducing are an accident or by chance–like the lottery.

Here is FJB’s three ( 3 ) letter word.  The Jeopardy link just made it stupider.

Nancy can’t count either.  Here are her three ( 3 ) baskets.

This guy should get the Chinese to apologize for such a stupid idea.  If stealing culture was such a horror, stealing inventions made by White People would be on the list.  Pocahontas agrees with The Sphinx.

FJB’s problem isn’t old age, it’s LIBERALISM.

This is long overdue–the feds stealing private property has to be corrected.

The  Bee.


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