This is a feel good movie.  They finally decided that ads would make more money than selling or renting.  Watch on full screen.


FJB, brings the illegals in at night under the cover of darkness.

The Bidenese are all arrogant.


The staff and lobbyist write this feces.  Anybody who votes on these monstrosities should be impeached.  Nobody in DC has read this crap.  This is a true sign that America is history.

America is run by Billionaires, and their companies.  Congress sold us out.

The Bee Weekly.


This has to be corrected………………………………………… can’t have people making 200 BILLION dollars—the people’s votes are worthless.


The Word Editor:  Are there many arrogant people in charge, LL ?

The Language Cat:  There are, and truth is a stranger to the MSM.

This is the action of a Banana Republic.

I hope one day these creeps will be indicted and tried.


Schumer thinks he is an Angel sent to save us.

This attempted murderer shot 3 people and is out in a few hours.  His arrogant family throws a party and broadcast it on social media.

FJB is at home doing nothing.

There is no end to FJB’s graft and family corruption.

This is an arrogant *itch.  She should be locked up.

The most arrogant thing that I have seen recently was the military’s treasonous actions when Trump was in office.  They were so sure the MSM was approving, they were involved in writing 3 books.

This is about grace and understanding.  The repugnant people mentioned above will have no comprehension.



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