Fauci lied, it will take an honest Congress and DOJ to prosecute him.


This is a great victory.  FJB and the dems.

This is our last report on Brian.


CNBC sends newswoman to swap sex for Putin’s missile locations.

Cap’n Joe and his cabinet will solve the problem.  Is your family in the boat or holding the sides ?


The people, mayor, and governor want violence–they have it–going on about 16 months.

Jussie will finally get a trial, everyone from the Obama’s on down have tried to save the wretch.


Some secrets from the Supremes.

Traitors Milley and Pigleosi at work.

This is funny.


The Comedy Editor:  What’s funny this week, LL ?

The Not Caring Cat:  A lot of things aren’t funny, but the situation makes them funny.  The students may or may not stop yelling FJB, but there are 100,000 people in many stadiums.  I hope it gets louder, add Pelosi, Schumer, and Maxine.

Canada is funny–protect Biden.  There are still Americans in Afghanistan.  FJB and Canada.

I like what this guy on the elevator said.  Almost every politician and Hollywood creep has been photographed without masks.

The Pope is funny, hiding behind  his security guards and a 15 foot wall.  You can protect yourself or be a dead victim.

What makes this funny is the driver and his company should know every crossing in America that has a high grade of the road.

Here is Obama’s limo getting stuck at the Irish Embassy a few years ago.  The Secret Service is stupid for not checking out simple things that can get people killed.  Maybe they are retired semi drivers.

This will help you understand what the Liberalblmantifacommieglbtqidungbeetles are talking about.

This is disturbing, throwing golf balls and other things at a hated coach.  Politicians should hope Americans don’t wake up to the fact that they sold out America, like Kiffin sold out The University of Tennessee.

Tennessee is fined enough for bad fan behavior to buy a Hunter Biden painting.

Rocky Top.


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