Alec is a fool for taking someone’s word on the gun being properly loaded.  He spends too much time isolated from Americans.


Pigleosi should keep the National Guard in reserve to protect Congress, and use the empty containers to store dead bodies from the cities.


Buy your important items.  Thank the Democrats.


Use the containers as homes for people sleeping in public.

Dallas is protesting.


This is worth repeating.

It’s just Out-Burger for a while.


The Dress Right Dress Editor:  Is this about the army, LL ?

The Rocket Cat:  No.  FJB forgot that Senators Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy and Chris Dodd assaulted a waitress in DC.

Hooters changed their new thong uniform for waitresses.  What a joke to begin with–let’s change the Coke formula.  If you want naked butts go to a strip show.

The Rockettes also wear uniforms.

Here are some of their requirements.

The Duchess of Cambridge has a new Black friend.  Satire.

This is for our loyal Virginia readers.

The R’s shouldn’t vote for anything the Pigwoman/dems approve.  Almost everything is a lie.  Wake up.

Pete is trying.



  1. There once was a guy named Pete
    Who spent the day hiding (well you know)
    Got him a new job from Ole Joe
    So now he’s got plenty to blow!

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