This could be good news.

Mayor Lightfoot ( D-ILL ) has Chicago number 1 in murders and rats.  You go kemosabe.


You go Joe.—freedom-n2597861


Investigator Cat thinks this incident was PLANNED–no prop manager needs live ammo on a set.


The Alec Baldwin accident is terrible.  There is no need for real guns as this article points out. The diagram  looks like a rifle and shotgun cartridge.  The video is for our loyal readers unfamiliar with guns and ammunition.


Supremes let Texas law stand.


Chicago residents deserve what they voted for, and submit to, just like California, Oregon, and Washington State.

Jen says skip P & G products.


Congress sent our jobs to China–vote them out.  Business saved a few bucks, give cash for Christmas.

Bezos says lower your expectations.  The next 11 months gives you a chance to test drive Socialism & Marxism.  If you don’t like them, too bad.  When the platforms for Facebook & Twitter go out things will get serious.

The TSA says jab it–FJB.


The Classified Editor:  Are there any secret identity’s left in America, LL ?

The Confidential Cat:  There aren’t many.  We uncovered one more traitor this week.  We knew she was a commie, but we now have film evidence.  She is unimportant, just a mouthpiece for the Billionaires.  Our first video is her as a school girl.

She graduated and went to work for Spectrademsblmantifalgbtqioulsmft.

Fortunately, Sean Connery was still Bond, James Bond, and saved the day.

Jen is more focused than Baghdad Bob during the Iraq war.

Jen loves to dis (respect) Americans.

Your body would be yours for an abortion, but theirs for a vaxx.

Jen sings this song at church (  of Satan ).


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