Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves.  I wonder if the Commissioner who moved the All Star game from Atlanta will show up ?


This is sickening, it’s one reason the U S of A is crashing.

Here are some of the things the dems want to pass in their bill.


The Baldwin Diary.   This is getting weird.


I think the army covered up a disaster.

SNL should broadcast from the DNC office.


Maxine is a thief.  The Golden State wants it that way.

Oh, look.

Biden lowers expectations for 2 Trillion dollar climate bill.   FJB and the climate bill.


The Standard Editor:  For our Oregon Sanctuary State residents who stopped teaching English, math, and reading in schools what is standardization, LL ?

Definition Cat:  It is an effort to make things better, more efficient, easier to build, save time, and a hundred other things.

Here are two examples of physical standards.

Joe is going to speed this up.  They should unload in Mexico and give each illegal a 50 pound backpack.

TSE:  Are there standards that aren’t material things, DE ?

DC:  There are a bunch, laws, customs, languages, beliefs, religions, behaviors, and many more.  Insects and animals have unwritten rules.  No group of lions, apes, birds, or wolves, to name a few have stupid members as leaders.  Ants, bees and any insects that live in large numbers have their own rules.

Here is another WOKE proposal for colleges/universities.  You don’t need to know how to function as a member of society, just how to bounce or throw a ball.

Here are examples on not having any ethics, morals, or other personal scruples.  Your losers in the animal world are thriving in the Land of Woke.

The Bee, and another B.


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