Winners from last night.  New Jersey is too close to call.

Today would be a good day to watch CNN and MSNBC for some laughs.


This is a great article.  LGB    ( with a few more letters we would have a gay sexual organization ).

Jen is recovering.


The government oversight committee can’t tell where 5 Trillion dollars went.

We hope Virginia voters wake up.


I can’t understand this.

The Canary Islands have a serious volcano eruption.


The Confidential Editor:  What’s the story on Private Dicks, LL ?

Undercover Cat:  With Archie, one of my best anonymous sources in New York being killed by Pit Bull dogs I have to make some operatives Private Dicks.

That’s an old term from the last century.  Here are some examples.

TCE:  Who will train your cat-investigators, UC ?

Someone like Sam Spade.  They will report on scams like this budget that is going up not down.

If you want some religion, we have it–it’s as free as a sanctuary state killer.

Racine County was one of the seven counties in the 5 sanctuary states with massive criminal conduct.

Peter Gunn was a great TV Private Dick.


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