Joe is back from Italy and The Land of Scots.   LGB.  Joe is like Hillmanatee, blaming everyone but himself and his radical policies.


The Atlanta Braves have two parades on Friday.


This is great news—-LGB.


We have a new Diary, let’s name it— Missing Financial Controller of a company under investigation for 43 million missing dollars.

Climate Summit news and as a bonus Bill’s yacht.


This is why our government needs to crash.

And this.


Thank Joe and the dems.  I hope you can find food for Thanksgiving.


The first thing this will be used for is virtual sex.  Remember the seventies magazines, scratch and sniff issues ?


America needs to swap stupid people for uneducated illegals.

Joe isn’t awake much less woke.

Terry will move to California where his policies are incorporated into law.


Intelligence Rating Editor:  How do you judge intelligence, LL ?

Not A MENSA Cat:  I use this general classification of intelligence.  They are just guides, you might be a genius in math ( except Oregon ), and be as stupid as a peach in other things.

IRE:  Can you give our loyal readers an example, NAMC ?

I sure can, but it isn’t simple.  Mental giants Biden & Janet Yellen ( Secretary of the Treasury ) have proposed a tax on money that you haven’t earned or don’t have.  At first glance you might think it is a stupid idea, but after thinking it over it is their stupidest idea to date.

One last thing about taxing money that hasn’t been made is from Clyburn of South Carolina.  He makes Hank Johnson ( Guam capsizing ) from Georgia look like Albert Einstein.

This article is stupid, the hiker is referred to as hiker and they.  The writer or they are more stupid than Clyburn ( D-SC ).

Baldwin’s daughter is stupid, or maybe she has the Hollywood Attitude.

Durbin is a lying idiot.

For every new law that costs more than the ( Congressional Budget Office ) CBO predicts, the salaries of HOR members, The President, and Senators should be seized.  No ifs, ands, and Kardashian Butts.

This is my best Hollywood song.


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