Republicans never learn.  Why would any Republican, who wants freedom, approve of her bill ?  They are RINOS.

Maybe they can be replaced in 2022.  Pigwoman supports open borders, open voting laws, Joe’s Afghanistan exit, critical race theory, LGBTQI sex taught to 7 year olds, giving illegals separated from families at the border $450,000.00 per person, and his mask and vaxx policy.

Are any of these Rinos your HOR member ?

I moved my Doom Clock ( see 11-6-21 issue ) to 98 seconds.


This is a snapshot of a President who should be replaced by Impeachment or the 25 th Amendment.  Do it now, before it’s too late.  Who is making policy–unelected employees ?

It is insane.

Houston has a concert tragedy.


This deserves repeating.  All of the equipment will be next.  The Boston Red Sox will move to Beijing.

COVID is here forever, just like the seasonal flu and the common cold.  Thank Communist China.



Wealthy people need to hire drivers or a service.  Ruggs is now ex wealthy.

The plan for 50 years has been to destroy America.

Talk about spooky !!!


It is an old snapshot.  As the Clintons would say ” that’s old news. “

Terry can work for the Clinton Library or Biden’s Chinese Stock Fund.


The Polaroid Editor:  Is this about old cameras, LL ?

The What’s Happening Cat:  No, it’s about some articles that show what American Society is like.  The first one is Bon Jovi cancelling a concert for many thousands because he tested positive for the Wuhan Flu.  What a joke.

ISIS was not a problem under Trump, but he had mean tweets.

Children are the next targets–Meta ( Facebook ) and twitter need more money.  Probably a little LGBTQAEIOU brain washing is included for your 6 year old.

California is the example the radical dems want for all of America.

Buttigieg dresses twins as incarcerated Kappa Kappa Kappa members.

Rick and wife are funny.

Half the trucks from Mexico are full of Haitians.  There aren’t enough for a 1970’s convoy.

One famous trucker was the Cajun Cootie.  Ali MacGraw’s career peak was in Love Story.  Back then most of America’s important products were made here.

Dan Rather was a flop.



  1. Just look at where they are from! They are from heavy demo states. What do you expect from them they are just playing the game to make sure America goes down the tubes. They and the Demos should be rounded up placed before a wall and shot for treason!!

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