The good Kennedy.

A new ad.


The Governor of Wisconsin and Mayor of Kenosha should be tried for all deaths since they did not enforce the law.  They swore to enforce all laws.

Let’s send a million Radical Liberals to China, they can test things out.


This is a good idea if they are honest, who will watch the watchers ?

Maybe they can get a kiss.

Our Democrat President.


The dems still want more voters.  The R’s have to recruit our Latinos.

Florida makes some progress.


The Science Editor:  What have you uncovered using science. LL ?

I Am Amazed Cat:  Science really works.  This article refers to Canis lupus familiaris ( dogs ), but who they actually studied was Homo sapiens Democratus Smellius ( Democrats ).

They even refer to dog whistles–the dems don’t mention that about 30 million ignorant White people voted Democratic.

TSE:  Beside the dems tilting their heads when any person who doesn’t believe in confiscating private property, teaching 5 year old girls to masturbate,  gay sex,  and to hate themselves what else do the dems do, IAAC ?

Another sad trait they evolved is LGBTQIDOREMEFASEDA sex.  They don’t have procreation sex.  They have to convert children to their cause.  Schools are their number 1 target.  Their hatred overrides anything sexual. Check out their news shows, the hosts are their Knights in shining armor.  The are emotionally challenged.


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