Turkeys and fixings are sold out.  Supply-Chain is another word for Biden extending too much COVID money to reward people for not working.

Racism is everywhere.


Where is the baby, Joe Biden?  You are a miserable killer of our soldiers in Kabul.


An asteroid is on the way.

Own a once MM home.

Maybe the media can move on to important news–skip racism and it’s Trump’s fault.

Use your imagination to name the grandparents of little Arkansas Baby Biden.


This is funny. Half of what we use in America is bought from China.  The Pentagon purchases Drone airplanes from China.  The Army can’t even evacuate a city like Kabul.  I have moved my Doom Clock to 96 seconds-TikTok is also Chinese.

The only thing preventing war is that half of their economy depends on our purchases.  Our President & his family have financial investments there.


The Language Editor:  Is this about when, what, and where, LL ?

Check The Words Cat:  Not today, just what.  You need to listen and break down what politicians say.

TLE:  Does anyone have it made like politicians, CTWC ?

Some college coaches make big bucks like politicians, but their money can be tracked or recorded.  Here is some info on one way to get rich.  It’s hard to follow.

Money paid to fired personnel is massive.

This is my all time favorite.  It’s hard to follow, but I think Charlie Weis was being paid by the New England Patriots, Notre Dame University, the Kansas City Chiefs, University of Florida and the University of Kansas at the same time.

Pennsylvania has an awakening on school masks.

Politicians move from public office to lobbyist for who ever pays them the most.  The drug industry to FDA is a favorite lateral switch.

Former Republican House Speaker, speaks for the Marijuana lobby.


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