This is good news.  The government doesn’t own your body or soul.

We have a special song for Traitor Joe, and his MSM bedfellows.

More ships are waiting to unload.


The Manning Show has a curse, and Aaron Rodgers repents.

More shortages are in the supply chain.


Maybe Black Americans are tired of the lies.

If you want employees to see how much they make let them pay all of their income tax on December 31.


The Media Special Editor:  What have you uncovered about the Dung Beetles, LL ?

Nothing New Cat:  Not much is new.  I spent my extra hour working on this special.  Here is the first item.

If you look back at the last 5 or 6 years you can see how the liberal/dems/media/social media have tried to change every word to do with country, family, religion, and law.  Here are a few instances.  The first is to demean Virginia White voters.  CNN is a master of censorship and lies.

CBS is not a news organization.

Cuomo uses Bill Clinton’s trick about defining words in his sex harassment interrogation.

This bill is to give illegals citizenship and other cultural changes, CRT, 1619 project, and other democratic bigot policies.

Hillary’s and the Democratic National Committee’s crimes are finally getting some indictments ( from Durham ).

The media reports lie about the rat-like dems.

Look, the snakes are changing word-meanings again.

This is Lunch Box Joe’s song.    FJB

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