This woman is retarded-big time.

I see 28 % coming for FJB.

Democrats prove that the Rittenhouse Judge is biased.  I don’t like the DA trying to add lesser charges at this point.

Trump is looking for opponents for these RINOS.


Germany has large jump in Wuhan Flu.

Trump tried to charge Bezos/Amazon a fair price, but the MSM wanted FJB.

Biden is a little dictator.


Any Republican Senator who votes for the culture change bill before Congress should be targeted for removal in their next election.  They would be Democrats.  Move on over to Schumer’s bed.

Get Spam instead of Turkey.

Joe says you don’t need a bank account.  Only politicians and MSM toads will have accounts.


The That Editor:  What’s making news, LL ?

The This Cat:  Bowling makes the news.  Who would have thought that the pro’s use special balls.

Let Woke Disney crash.

Disney is doing you a favor serving smaller portions of food they sell.  Remember they own ABC.

Save the fish.

It will take some Saints to save us—maybe Louis and his friend.


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